When To Hire A General Contractor

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So… You’ve Decided To Build!

It’s happening everywhere you look, new construction, remodels, and renovations, and quite possibly you’ve caught the itch for your own property. You may have an outline of what you’d like to do. Or, maybe you know EXACTLY what you’d like to build or change.

Whatever the project may be, there are many decisions that lay ahead. Some questions you may ask yourself include ‘How much do I really know about construction?’ and ‘How involved will I be with this project?’. In this post, we hope to better lay out what some options may be when it comes to your next project.

Should I Hire A Handy Man Or A General Contractor

If your project is at your home and involves a bunch of little jobs that do not require any licensing or specialty knowledge, it may be best for you to choose a handy man. This would be things like fixing a door, replacing a window, fixing a hole in the wall, and more.

However, as a project gets bigger, you will want to choose a General Contractor. This gets to be quite important as the size and scope of a project involves coordinating multiple sub-contractors an the project is spread over a longer period of time which could be weeks of construction.

While a handy man may be skilled to do little things around the house, a General Contractor should be licensed to handle much bigger and complex projects. This can range to being as small as installing a deck to building an entirely new house or building.

Why Hire a General Contractor?

A general contractor can be a major asset for any project.

A good GC will know the codes. Grail Construction Project Managers and Superintendents understand what permits need to be pulled and how to get code enforcement to approve the project. If you have never dealt with building codes and inspectors, during your project is not when you want to learn.

A General Contractor will know the process to get the job done efficiently. Grail Construction understands which components need to be completed when as well as how to schedule sub-contractors to fit into the schedule properly.

The liability for a project is often transferred to the general contractor if someone gets hurt. Any general contractor worth working with will have worker’s comp insurance and thus protect you if someone suffers an unfortunate event.

A good GC will also get better prices on materials and labor. A general contractor, like Grail Construction, does more volume and already has good relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers. Therefore, better prices for materials and sometimes labor may save you money in the long run.

Finally, a licensed General Contractor can warranty their work. If something goes wrong in six months, a good General Contractor will come out and try to make it right. Grail Construction stands by all of our work and we are proud of every project!

The Value Of Always Having A Supervisor On Site

Maybe one of the biggest values a General Contractor should bring to your project is the coordination of all work involved. A good GC, such as Grail Construction, always has a Superintendent or Project Manager on site.

Grail Construction has proven reliability of our skilled team and the following video proves their reliability: