Fireplace remodel construction


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Arizona is known for our swelteringly hot days, but what many may often forget about are our cool and sometimes cold nights.
Sub-freezing temps and snow are definitely possibilities here in the winter months and humans have long known the essential element to survive through cold winters: FIRE!

A well built fireplace can make a LARGE difference in heating costs through the winter. Gas or wood fireplaces take significant strain off of electrical bills. Proper use, insulation, and maintenance can help save hundreds on power bills.

Fireplaces are perfect for creating a warm, cozy ambiance to any room.
A well built fireplace will create a gathering place in your home, which can bring friends and family closer together for quality time during the holidays.

At Grail Construction LLC, we believe the hearth of your home should be something to be admired. We would love to help you create that perfect space for you to cuddle up next to this winter. Check out pictures of our work to give you some ideas and then CALL or EMAIL us today for a FREE quote! (520) 790-1715

Also, we can custom remodel any yard or patio to include a fire pit too! Just another way to stay warm this winter!

Special tips for your new fireplace:
Did you know, turning your ceiling fans to circulate air downward will increase warm air flowing back into the house as heat rises? Also, be sure to shut doors to rooms without a fireplace, as scientific studies show this can sometimes draw warm air (in the form of oxygen being drawn to fire) out of those rooms. This simple (and free) step keeps the home even warmer as it allows the home to be heated in a central area without sacrificing the heat in other parts of the home.