Our Team

Tim Smith in his tractor, working on a construction project.

Tim Smith, Owner & Project Manager

Mr. Smith is currently the Owner and Lead Project Manager at Grail Construction, LLC. He is responsible for facilitating work package definitions, sequencing, estimating duration and resources with the project team. He creates and validates project schedules with the project owner, project team, and subcontractors.
Prior to establishing Grail Construction, LLC, Mr. Smith began as a Field Superintendent for Farwest Development and Construction, LLC. His expertise advanced him to become the General Operating Manager within 3 years of his start date. He is credited with steering the struggling company through the 2008 financial crisis to becoming a debt free entity.

Jonathan Ruby, smiling and wearing a construction vest.

Jonathan Ruby, Superintendent

Mr. Ruby started at Grail as a Contract Employee for a small project. His performance led to an invitation for Full-Time Employment as a Superintendent. His dedication continues to shine throughout every construction project site he oversees. He has an excellent eye for detail and is an efficient planner for his projects.

Scott Gilliam, Assistant Project Manager

Shawn Huston, Superintendent

Mr. Gilliam entered into Grail as a Superintendent and is progressing himself to the higher role of Project Manager. He has an eye for planning and ensuring his projects flow with ease. His experience in the field is paramount to his position. Before Grail, he completed projects from hospitals to military facilities, offices, apartments, and a large stadium addition with a nationally well-known General Contractor.
His nearly three years with Grail Construction has added many colorful projects to his portfolio, such as a dance studio, commercial tenant improvements, health clinic additions, and a large addition to a church.
He is very well liked by every client with which he works.

Vincent Alvord adjusting a sliding glass door

Donald Miller, Superintendent

Mr. Alvord was hired for his carpentry skills for a particular project. He is currently working on the Tombstone Marshall’s Office Exterior Renovation. Mr. Alvord has more than twenty years experience in the construction field including supervision of both SFR homes and commercial condominiums. He has a wide range of experience that gives him unique insight into all trades allowing him to work efficiently and to comprehend the larger picture.


Donna Smith, Owner, Designer, & Project Coordinator

Mrs. Smith brings to the firm a solid understanding of Contract Agreements with Subcontractors through her 16 years of legal assistant work. While working with Architects as a non-degreed Architectural Project Manager, she has managed more than 40 projects in various stages of design and construction with varying client needs and budgets.
As a Project Coordinator, Mrs. Smith assists the entire team in managing the paperwork, construction schedule, any change orders, requests for information, and pay applications. As a Project Designer, she is the liaison between the Architect and Engineers. She answers any questions that arise pertaining to Code which are not easily garnered from the permitted plans and she coordinates the proper paperwork response from the A&E Team.