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Adding The Most Value To Your Home

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It’s relatively common sense that adding updates to your home can increase it’s resale value, but how do you know what will bring you the most return for your investment?

Fear not, Grail Construction has done a little homework for you…

Experts say the biggest return on your investment into your home could be one simple change and it involves a prospective buyer’s first impression. This one change is… drum roll please…

The front door!

Changing your front door is simple and can change the entire perspective on your home, however, the experts say not just any high-end entrance will do, you’ll want a door that goes with the style of the home and accentuates the other features of the building.

Other elements that you will want to consider when upgrading your home are replacing any old and worn out elements to the house. This would include replacing windows, which not only can bring more light into the house, but add extra insulation to each window replaced.

If you’re really looking to add value, what most already know to show return on investment is remodeling the kitchen and/or bathroom. Many homebuyers will base a large part of their home buying decision on these rooms alone. A potential home buyer may walk into a kitchen and expect to have to pay a boatload more to remodel and produce the updated feel, but this is not necessarily true. Even a small remodel of cabinets, sinks, and countertops can go a long way. Experts do say though, if you choose to completely remodel the kitchen, the return could be up to 25% of the home’s value because this where many homeowners spend a large part of their time. For bathrooms, the number would be closer to up to 12 to 15%.

Other mentions to add value to your home include an addition of a room onto the home or remodeling an attic into a bedroom. Even a new patio or deck can increase the value of your home in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

At Grail Construction, we have experience in every aspect of remodeling and home construction to make your home feel new again. We will gladly help you every step of the way. We offer free quotes for any remodel or new construction project. We also provide interior design services.

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